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Labrador Retrievers


RCM Kennels were a pleasure to work with while looking for a lab puppy. Ron responded quickly, and was super helpful throughout the process. Zola has the best temperament, and is beautiful! Thank you RCM Kennels! ❤️

We got our puppy Stanley from this wonderful place and could not be more happy! The kennel is well kept and all the puppies are in wonderful order. The owner could not have been more helpful. Our puppy is the most well behaved puppy I have ever been around. Both the mom and dad were on site for us to see. I highly recommend these dogs and we will be back for another one.

Kristen Bagdasrian

It’s been five years since we drove from Paducah, KY, to RCM Kennels to pick up our new puppy. We were in love at first sight! As empty nesters, we were a little hesitant to start over with a puppy; however, it has been one of the best experiences of our lives! Lucy is gorgeous, loving, healthy, and has a wonderful personality. We take her for long walks in our neighborhood, and everyone knows her. She loves people and other dogs; the more attention she gets, the happier she is. She’s a clown and has a huge loving heart. She loves cuddling and being close to us. She sits with us in our office chair, lays on our feet when we are standing, and nestles close in bed. The two words that describe her best are love and loyalty. We can never thank RCM Kennel enough for literally changing our lives, for the better, by breeding such an amazing animal! She is a very important member of our family!

Ron , Hi .. Sadie is doing great. Her and Zoie are getting along really good and have become buddies. Each time we go into the vets office they can not believe how big she gets. Everyone who sees her says she is a beautiful lab. We tell them about you and where she came from .She loves to fetch, go for a walk, play outside and go for rides. She knows how to walk on the lead, sit, she waits at the door until we go out or in first, ,pretty much potty trained and we are working on down and stay. She is so smart. You are to be saluted for being such a great breeder of the Labrador. Thanks again , Debbie and Mike Watts

Debbie & Mike Watts

Piper has the best temperament of any lab we have ever known… such a wonderful girl! She is truly a blessing to our family…you are a wonderful breeder & we recommend you to everyone!

Melanie Moreno

Wonderful experience at RCM kennels! Pups are raised in a warm family environment....our black lab Woodford....has the best disposition! Quickly integrated into our home! Didn’t think I could love a dog so much! Highly recommend this breeder!

Millicent Meehan

Just wanted to let you know that Betsy checked out great with the Vet. She is an extremely low-key and friendly dog, we could not have asked for a better disposition. She is becoming very comfortable in her new home and really seems happy. The crate training is fantastic and she is quickly learning how to Sit and Come on commands. She doesn't like being on a leash yet but that is okay as she likes to stay in one corner of our yard which as a slope that looks out to open land and a big pond. She likes to run through the mulch and bushes on the hill and then pops out to keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard, sometimes running down the hill to catch them. Her new name is Tater, great puppy and looking forward to her becoming a great adult dog.

Jeff and Amy Jensen

Miles loves everything and everyone, and is the perfect companion for me while I'm in law school. He is a growing boy, and at almost 6 months old, Miles weighs almost 60lbs.He loves chewing on bones, hiking, belly-rubs, and wrestling with his sister Riley, who is a third his size and runs circles around him. His only dislikes are not being the center of attention, which is hardly ever the case, and saying goodbye to my girlfriend Jenna and her dog Riley (aka Miles' sister) when they have to leave after visiting. I am so glad that we found RCM Kennels, and found a beautiful dog and perfect companion. I would highly suggest the RCM Kennel family to anyone who is looking for the perfect pup!


We absolutely love our puppy, Finn!!! Everywhere we take him we get so many compliments on how beautiful he is and how he is going to be a big boy =)....hopefully you enjoy the pics I’m sending. I took them about a week or so ago. He is now weighing in at over 30lbs (just weighed him today at the vet).....just a ball of energy and such a personality!!! And he has been quite easy to train as far as potty training and sitting and things, and he LOVES to play fetch! My husband and i talked about wanting to get him a little friend sometime and we will definitely be contacting you in the future for such a friend (kind of wanting a bulldog this time =) ). Thank you for such a perfect addition to our family!! We love Finn!!!

Jennee Brooks

Hi Ron
This is Tonya. I was just letting you know we took puppy to the vet and he passed his exam. They also liked how well of breeder you are. You are such a good person. Thank you again for him and thank you for bringing him to us. Oh and he is using the potty outside and hasn't had one accident inside. He is very happy. Thanks so much. I will Let you know from time to time how he is and stuff.


Hi Ron!
This is Ryan and Haley, we just wanted to let you know how amazing our puppy is doing. We named her Brooklyn and she is the sweetest and most precious dog we could have ever asked for. We are so happy with her and just wanted to say thank you ! :) hope all your other puppies found a great home!!!

Thanks again!
Haley and Ryan

Thank you so much for everything! The entire process of picking out our puppy, and bringing him home was so wonderful, you and your family were so welcoming and sweet. We couldn't ask for a better experience. Gunner fits right in! He has had a busy first day with us, we played and played, and we went to the ball park for our nephews ball game and got lots and lots of attention. :) We are in love with our new addition!

Thank you again!
The Williams Family

Hi Ron,
Hello! I just wanted to send you an updated picture of our happy family. The picture is when they were 8 months. We're at about 10 now. Henry and Graham are doing great. They are so smart we love them so much. Thank you for breeding such great animals. We look forward to enjoying them for a long time.

Casey Honkomp

My name is Eileen. My boyfriend Kelly and I just bought Foley our yellow lab from the litter born on November 23, 2009. We love him so much,i don't think we could have asked for a better dog. He is already potty trained and knows sit and speak. we are hoping to start him in some training classes in the next couple of weeks. Earlier this week I recommended you to my friend and her husband, after doing so Kelly and I decided we wanted another, someone forFoley to play with.I talked to her today and she told me a litter of 10 was born. We were interested in any information you could give us about adopting a chocolate baby girl. Foley makes us so happy, we thought another would make us twice as happy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Hi Ron,
Rosie is doing great. We've had a bunch of visitors from the time she got here and she gets along with everyone, very loving dog with the cutest little face. Also, she's very social with the Chihuahua we have at home. In the 3rd day she was here I began the training. She can already sit on command and I'm working on "Down" at the moment. It actually only took me a few tries in the same day and she already understood. Very smart puppy! She loves playing in the snow and loves cold places. I absolutely adore her, my whole family loves her. I've had friends come over from all over just to see her. Everyone agrees that Labrador retrievers make the perfect pet and they're surprised I actually bought her so cheap with all the things that were included. You truly make the best deal Ron, thanks for everything, you were very helpful and you can be sure that I will recommend RCM Kennels to every one of my friends.


When I started looking for a new dog, it was tough because there didn’t seem to be many affordable dogs that were healthy and came from a reputable breeder. It seemed like every dog either had 17 champions in its lineage and was way out of my price range or the owners had done no health checks and were just trying to unload the dogs on someone. That’s when I found RCM Kennels. Their dogs all have very healthy parents and the puppies were reasonably priced. Ron was great to deal with and made the entire experience of buying a new dog very smooth. He took the time to answer my questions honestly and thoroughly and I had a lot of questions. In addition, he continually maintains his website and sends you updates on how your dog is doing. Its obvious he loves his work. I’m now the proud owner of a three month old, very energetic, yellow lab. He passed all of his checkups with flying colors and continues to grow at a remarkable rate. I highly recommend RCM Kennels if you’re in the market for a Lab.


Hi Ron,
Thank you so much for our experience of buying a puppy from you. Everything went so smooth and you were so nice and helpful.(Not to mention what a wonderful, smart and beautiful dog we got!) I would highly recommend your kennel to anyone looking to add a furry member to their family!! Thanks again for Lacey!

Lori Price

Hi Ron, sorry I haven't got back to you. It’s been a big month and a half for me and my puppy. I named him Jet. He is growing extremely fast. He is a very smart puppy and is everything that I was hoping he would be and more. He was already retrieving very well on the second day that I had him and he immediately took to swimming the first time that I brought him to the park on his first week here. He just jumped right in and started swimming, so I decided to throw one of his toys in and he swam all the way out and retrieved it! He pretty much automatically knew how to sit and knew come. He has been a good new playmate for my other dog that hasn't got this much exercise in a long time. This is one excellent dog and I would recommend your dogs to anyone, hunter, breeder, or owner.

Ben Lomond, CA

Mr. Ron
My family and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of purchasing "Sarge" from your kennels. This was our first experience at purchasing a puppy over the Internet and you truly made it a terrific one. Sarge is adjusting well and is already spoiled rotten. The kids love him but the only problem is that I think he likes my wife the most of all(he was supposed to be my dog.) We will email you pictures later on down the line. Thanks once again for a terrific puppy and your sincerity and honesty. Feel free to use me as a contact if you need to in the future.


Dear Ron,
In February, 2007 my husband and I bought 2 labs from you. It was a very pleasant experience from the picture you sent every week until we could take them home to the paper work there was never a problem. The day we came to look at the puppies we only intended to get one yellow male puppy, but we bought 2 the yellow (Guss) and a chocolate female (Jessie). They are now 9 months old they are house dogs and they are part of our family. They are great retrievers they love the water and love to retrieve anything from balls to birds. Thank you for such 2 great additions to our family.

The Hodge Family
Lebanon, TN

Just dropping you a note to say that our Yellow Lab, "Baby Bob" is one of the most wonderful dogs we have had the pleasure to adopt.


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